Some actionable advice from my 11-month, nerve-racking journey from a non-technical worker to Data Science, and then Software Development

A sillhouette of a man jumping over a gap between two cliffs
A sillhouette of a man jumping over a gap between two cliffs

Look, we both know you have like… eight other Medium articles open in other tabs right now and you’re eager to get to them. If you’re here for practical advice or sheer curiosity, I’ll give you a list of titles to look for. All of them nice and bold, just like us skimmers like it.

If you have a couple of minutes to spare, though, I think there’s some relatability to be found in these words. I’ll try making it as light a read as possible. I can be funny. People trying to sell me stuff find me hilarious. …

A helpful hint for your next technical interview

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It’s pretty common for companies to flat out reject your application without giving you a hint on their decision. This time, however, I got feedback for real.

As a fairly new developer, coming from a non-technical background, my learning curve has been very steep.

I was once rejected in a selection process after handing over a technical test. I was asked to create a full-stack application that read a list of 25 sales records and returned a filterable, paginated table (six records at a time).

The main requirements were:

  • Create a backend with Node.js and Express
  • Create a frontend with…

Rodrigo M. Castilho

Software developer with a data background. Eternally curious individual.

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